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Meet Mel

Medium + Writer

Hi, I'm Mel Oropeza Moralez and I've been interacting and working with the energetic world since I was a kid. I was gifted with a sensitivity to nature, people, and the energies connecting us all.

In a modern world that often values the material over the intangible, I attempted to suppress and reject my abilities. Despite my best efforts, the connection only grew stronger and more pronounced over the years, becoming an undeniable calling.

My heart mission is to empower and uplift others with accessible and simple channeled information and realistic tools to heal and help navigate the complexities of life. I am dedicated to serving the highest good and guiding individuals toward a re-discovery of self and reminder of essence. Alongside my spiritual pursuits, I advocate for environmental conservation, honoring the deep interconnection between humanity and the earth. I passionately support and promote, Indigenous Rights, sustainable living and healing and encourage others to embrace a more harmonious relationship with nature.

Through Ciervo Cósmico, I seek to shine a light on the boundless possibilities within each individual and inspire a collective awakening to the support and wonders of the seen and unseen world. We have the power to transform ourselves into more loving and empathetic beings that keep ourselves, others, and nature at the forefronts of our hearts, minds, and actions. I am dedicated to help myself and others remember why we are here!

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Feeling drawn to explore the quantum realm but wondering if I'm the medium for you? No worries! Schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call and let your intuition do the work in guiding you.

Why a Discovery Call?

  • Connection matters: Working with a medium is a profoundly personal experience. It's important that you feel comfortable and informed when choosing me to deliver your messages.
  • Ask your questions: Feeling curious, nervous, or unsure about mediumship? That is totally normal and welcome! Discernment is everything! This is your chance to ask me anything about my approach, intentions, experience, and what to expect during a reading.
  • Peace of mind: Before committing to a session, ensure you feel comfortable and confident in me as your medium.

What to expect:

  • A casual, friendly conversation to get to know each other.
  • Time to discuss your specific interests and questions about mediumship.
  • Openness and honesty.
  • No pressure to book a paid session.

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Reconnect with your soul and receive cosmic support and guidance. This 120-minute experience offers a profound exploration of your inner landscape and its wisdom.

Preparation in the Cosmos:

  • Tailor your session or leave it open-ended. Let me know if you have specific areas you'd like to focus on, loved ones you'd like to connect with, or simply wish to receive whatever messages are meant for you. There's no “wrong” approach, the relevant guidance will come through regardless.
  • 60 minutes before your session: I enter a light meditative state, attuning myself to the frequency of your higher self, guides, and loved ones.
  • Messages and Images Flow: Through intuitive channeling, I receive messages and images that come through as visions, words, symbols, or emotions. I document them using pen and paper. I will send photos of these after the session.

Your Personalized Reading:

  • 60-minute video session or In-Person (GDL): The channel stays open as we connect face-to-face (either through video or in-person depending on your location), and I translate and deliver the received messages.
  • Frequency Activation: Before and throughout the session, an energetic frequency will subtly awaken your energetic and physical body. This vibrational activation amplifies the messages, fostering powerful personal insights and propelling you toward a transformed state of being.
  • Actions + Integration: I make sure to always ask your team for accessible, actionable steps on how you can move forward in power and grace. Expect to leave the reading well-equipped with clear guidance and practical tools to implement into your life.


*If you are in need of sliding fee scales, please do not let that stop you from reaching out. Email me at to explore options.

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This 60-minute session offers deep work that goes beyond the physical and emotional, ​reaching into higher dimensions of your energetic body. This immersive environment ​enhances the healing process and creates a deeper mind+body+spirit connection.


  • Tailor your session or leave it open-ended. Let me know if you have specific themes or ​areas you'd like to focus on or simply wish to let it flow organically. There's no “wrong” ​approach, the relevant guidance will come through regardless.

Physical + energetic body scan:

  • We begin with a gentle grounding exercise and prayer to settle your mind and body.
  • I delve into a calm present state, attuning to your unique frequency and navigating a ​comprehensive body scan guided by your cosmic team. Unbound by Earthly limitations, ​this scan travels through the unseen energetic layers and dimensions.

Pinpointing imbalances:

  • With the help of your cosmic team, I will be guided on where to acknowledge, tune in to, ​and transform energy in your body, including any imbalances found within your chakras, ​and any “negative” entity (heavy feeling) attachments. I do this through breathwork, ​movements, and gentle touch.
  • Throughout our session, I'll attentively observe and record any messages, visions, or ​feelings that emerge.

Integration & Reflection:

  • After your session, we'll enjoy a warm cup of tea while discussing the insights received, ​including the messages, visions, and emotions noted during the session. This open ​dialogue allows for deeper understanding and personalized guidance, helping you ​integrate the experience and create a plan for continued growth.
  • Additionally, every session includes a complimentary 15-minute post-session call within the ​following week to answer any questions or provide further support as you integrate energy ​work.

Let’s work together to shift those energetic and physical pain points and blockages!

Disclaimer: This session complements but does not replace professional medical care.


*If you are in need of sliding fee scales, please do not let that stop you from reaching out. ​Email me at to explore options.


"I had a life-changing reading with Mel today. It was my first time meeting Mel and she is such a warm, magical energy. Not only was she able to contact my spirit guides but two of my loved ones came up in the reading, as well. She shared every image, message and feeling she received. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have received a clear and beautiful message from my best friend and soul mate who passed 1.5 years ago. This gave me the closure I never thought I would have and has honestly changed my life. The reading was so healing and beautiful. My spirt guides and higher self gave me such great reminders on what to focus on and prioritize. I will absolutely book with Mel again. She has such a special gift that she shares with integrity and authenticity. Thank you, Mel!"


"I am a bit skeptical & wary of “fortune telling” so I booked this session with minimal expectations. It ended up being one of the best readings I’ve ever had. Mel is super grounded and offered practical, applicable insight that did not feel far reaching or intrusive. It felt like home! Everything she shared resonated with the truth that was already inside me. She was able to translate what my spirit already knew in a way that I could hear clearly. Her words have stuck with me weeks out from the reading. What I loved most is that none of it felt damning or absolute. Everything Mel shared was supportive of my highest good. I felt uplifted and loved after the reading. I highly recommend scheduling with her. It was a delightful blessing in every way. I am so glad you are sharing your gifts with the world Mel!!!!"


"Finished the meeting with Mel feeling as though I had just stepped out of the forest, realigned and buzzing. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was my first time with this type of reading, but it was like a warm blanket being wrapped around me. The themes and topics of focus aligned exactly with those that I have been trying to messily figure out for some time, alone. New insights were gleaned and inklings of truth previously pushed aside were affirmed. I have a clear and confident path forward, feeling very supported and seen. I feel open, connected, grounded, and incredibly grateful for this. My decision to book with Mel was in hopes to receive guidance when I’ve felt that I’ve gotten stuck in my own capacity. That is exactly what I received plus more. Thank you, Mel."


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Intuitive Writing Prompts

ᗑ Deepen Your Self-Awareness

ᗑ Awaken Your Intuition

ᗑ Find Peace and Clarity

ᗑ Exercise Your Neuroplasticity

Our Self-Paced Workshops are now available on Etsy! Choose from a variety of channeled themes designed to cultivate self-discovery, adaptability, and growth.

These versatile experiences cater to both individual growth and group connection, making them perfect for:

↟solo date nights ↟ women's circles ↟bachelorette parties ↟family vacations ↟honeymoons

and so much more!

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Have a question about my offerings, or think I'd be a good fit as a guest speaker on your platform? I'd love to hear from you!

Whether you're curious about collaborating, exploring potential partnerships, or simply have something on your mind, feel free to reach out. I'm always happy to connect and chat.


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Scholarships for indigenous Wixárika University Students

I highly recommend the Wixárika Scholarship Program to anyone who is interested in supporting Indigenous education and empowerment. The program is a valuable investment in the future of the WIXÁRIKA community and a strategic way to support the preservation of Wixárika culture and traditions.

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